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To enjoy any of the special offers please feel free to visit any of our salons - Illusions Hair Salon in Robertson, Livine Sante Skin & body care clinic in Robertson or Butterflies Unisex hair salon in Strand. Should you have any questions regarding Loyalty cards, Vouchers or Ask a Stylist, feel free and e-mail Cornel (

Loyalty Cards

Visiting your stylist is like visiting your best friend & best friends are always generous when giving advice & gifts…

That’s why when visiting anyone of our salons you’ll receive loads of great advice & gifts in the form of an appointment card also known as a loyalty card.

The appointment card, helps you to save the date until your next appointment and when the card is full, you’ll qualify for a FREE treatment!

Congratulations! You’ve found the ultimate gift for your loved one a truly wonderful gift of relaxation and transformation!

For your convenience, we offer a Gift Certificate sent to you by post or directly to your loved one… If you don't have time to spare & need a gift voucher really quickly, we’ll send you an electronic version that you can print @ Home once we’ve received the proof of payment & the amount shows in our bank account.

Get your questions answered by a stylist.

- Wondering how long you have to wait    for a relaxer after colour?

- Want to know if Brazillian Blowout is    save?

- Curious about a new razor cut?

- Thinking of going natural, but not sure    how?

Send us your questions!

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If you are interested in a career opportunity with Illusions Hair, Butterflies (Strand Salon) or Livine Sante, please contact Cornel or Cornelia via e-mail –

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